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Here are some of the manufacturers that we currently work with.
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Developed in the mid-1960's in Richmond California at the Chevron Campus. CIM has always been VOC Compliant and has never had to change it's formulation. CIM is a Two-part asphalt modified polyurethane, for waterproofing decks, water tanks, fountains, and below grade applications.

Carlisle/CCW has been around for more than 100 years, and our customers know us for our superior products, remarkable service and ground-breaking innovations. We look at your building from a full-systems approach from below grade, to podiums and planters, to walls, to roof. Offering single source warranty options for your exterior building envelope solutions.

Established in 1963, this is where acrylic, cementitious, Class A Fire Rated Deck Coatings were born. AL System for Plywood, MC System for concrete, AL Flex, and AMAC "Hybrid" Systems for superior flexibility and warranties. 

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The major advantages of DE NEEF® products include the fact that they are easy to use, are not diluted, and can be applied quickly and reliably. The portfolio is mostly based on single-component, closed cell, hydrophobic polyurethanes, which are both durable and lasting. Therefore, leaks that are stopped once will remain stopped. For taking care of leaks that slow down the progress of a job site, endanger the future of a construction, or prevent full use of a building, DE NEEF® has become the world's most trusted brand.


AC TECH focuses on a very narrow (but tricky!) part of the building construction process.  We make concrete slabs ready to receive adhesives, protective coatings, roofing assemblies and cementitous toppings when there is a problem with product tolerances to alkalinity, elevated moisture vapor levels, soaked-in oil and chemical residues, or threats of pin holing.  We are that FIRST Product Layer in a performance specification for a roof, floor, or protective coating system that meets ASTM and ACl Standards.

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Polycoat Products was established in 1979 in South El Monte, a city located in Los Angeles County.  At that time, Polycoat was involved in manufacturing coatings used for pedestrian and vehicular decks and caulking tubes.  Its main customers were located in Southern California but aspirations to sell on the western coast of the United States were forming.  Polycoat is proud that many of those customers that were present at that time continue to purchase material from Polycoat; highlighting our commitment to customer service.

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