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We are a full-service manufacturer's rep firm that specialize in exterior building envelope solutions

When it comes to the exterior building envelope, keeping water out is of utmost importance.

Water is a very powerful element, in that it will find the path of least resistance. It is so powerful that it carved Yosemite Valley over millions of years. Imagine the havoc that it can wreak upon a structure. It can cause mold, it can corrode steel, it can cause dry rot, and overall a great deal of damage. All of which can lead to potential lawsuits, vacated properties, and revenue loss. Keeping water and moisture out, is essential to keeping residents in place and businesses open.

RAM Independent is a diverse manufacturer’s representative firm whose objective is to work with design professionals to develop innovative solutions to keep water and moisture out of structures.

We have a vast array of systems to encompass the entire building envelope from below grade up to the roof.

With over 35 years of industry experience, RAM Independent represents some of the most highly specified and proven systems in the industry.

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